Kogi Election 2015


-Baba Agboja 

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 November 21th 2015 is a day viewed from two different perspectives by kogites of the Kogi State in the middle belt of Nigeria while the member of the APC see it as

a day of change of government from the ruling PDP to APC, PDP member dream it as the day of consolidation and confirmation of the acceptances of their leaders and party.


Moving around town, the situation looks dicey most especially in the state capital which is mostly dominated by the civil servant who from all indication have decided to play safe by not showing any overt act of supporting any candidate. Twenty kilometer radius away from the city centre seems to be the actual starting point of the political activities as party insignals begins to become more visible, indicating where various towns and villages along the road belongs.


Candidly, electorates in Kogi State are a bit lost as to who to vote at the moment but there are simple indication as to where their sympathy lies. Majority of the citizen have come to adopt the APC wrist band as a form of fashion which they freely show off. There is also the unconscious response of the word change whenever APC is chanted. The others are Sai Audu, Change Dole, and Baba Kogi all this pointing to the love for APC and the flag bearer.


Meeting with members of PDP you hear things like “Wada Don Take ham” “This people do not understand that Wada is working for the future” “ All those wey dey decamp dey hungry” the major popularity enjoyed by PDP is the domination of the state radio air waves where several forms of jingles on Wada are played simultaneously  for about 9 – 10 minutes nonstop, a very unethical thing to do on a public radio, unfortunately this jingles seem to bore listener, majority of those whose salaries have remained unpaid for months.


The salaries of workers are one major issue that is drifting electorates from Wada because as a Civil Servant State when salaries are not paid the city is as good as ghost town. The Igbos who is majorly Traders/Businessmen in the city have vowed to use their numerical strength to vote Wada out of office, the threat which necessitated Wada visiting the Igbos Community in Lokoja some weeks ago.


Campaigns in Lokoja have never been this tough. For the past week Captain Idris Wada the current Governor of Kogi State has not stepped into office to attend to issues of state, letters and files have being left unattended to because he has to be on campaign 24hours daily, the very few files signed by him have being those he has special interest in, most of those with files to be signed by Wada have been left dissolution as the fear that the change in Gov’t might affect their matters. Mean while Audu has promised during one of his campaign that nobody should have fear and that anyone with genuine matter will have no problems .


Our concern is the way the people feel that Wada’s Government is winding up. visiting some of Wada’s paraded project one can accord him some reasonable marks but he miscalculated when he thought a delay would be a tactics to convince the electorate to vote him for the continuation of the projects. Whatever speed he is trying to apply at this moment seems not to resonate with the people.


All effort by Wada to keep himself in the people mind has always turned negative, recently lots of young men and women were recruited as facebook canvassers for Wada, instead of packaging  Wada, they have abandon their primary assignment and resulted to insulting the opposition party leaders thereby giving Wada a bad name.


With the decamping of several major PDP men Wada is left with uncelebrated youth whose reason they are still with Wada is to get their share of the campaign largess which has eluded them for some time.


The race is still open but going by the above your guess could be as good as mine.


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