It obvious that strategies of various political parties who had waited and kept vigil for this day will begin to come to fore.
With the advent of the social media and its welcomed usage by Nigerias, politicking is expected to be easy by its players, but then the Nigerian experience in relation to social media especially facebook is nothing to write home about.
It will be a wise idea if stakeholders and their supporters realize the consequences of not playing the game by the rules.
It is eminent that there must be elections every four years for there to be a new government in place or the continuation of an incumbent. It then beholds on us as indigens to caution our wards on the implication of our overt acts, vocal out pour and online publications.
On our part we wish to remind our followers of the existence of the law on hate speech and advice us to keep the rules.
Finally we urge you all to keep following and sharing our site to your associates so as to keep them abreast of political happenings in thhe middle belt, Abuja and Nigeria at large.

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