COVID 19: who has the mandate to …..

It will be recalled that the social media was awashed with claims that officials of NCDC flee from been isolated in Kogi State, this, our reporters went underground to investigate the actual event that transpired during their visit to Lugard House

It was observed that since the out break of the dreaded Corona virus pandemic which is spreading like hamattan fire and the suspicion of Governor Yahaya Bello haven picked up the virus during the visit of late Abba kyari a victim of the virus and the refusal of the Governor to present himself for examination by the approved agency, there has been a cold running battle between the two.

On the fateful the day Governor, who had being abhorring discontent for the Agency and probably not haven done much as required to contain the disease had no option than to allow the NCDC to arrive lokoja before railling out conditions to be followed before the commencement of any activity. One then wonders why the agency was not informed before leaving Abuja. Meanwhile NCDC has a protocol of isolating there officers for fourteen days before sending them on any mission.

However our investigation revealed that the Governor played to the gallery, because if the NCDC officers had agreed to his condition, Kogi State has no where near a standard isolation center except the one being hurriedly put in place since the current debacle, but it was a wiser decision the NCDC took to report back to Abuja.

Other areas we find funny was the support and propaganda by supporters of the Governor at every move by him either good or not too good, though the reason not been far from the level of poverty in the state.

One major question that needed answer is to know who is constitutionally empowered to isolate, quarantine or declare one free from Covid !9.

Meanwhile, now that Bello has drown the first blood, we wait to see who laughs last.

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