COVID:19, Bello vs NCDC part 2

Bello’s grievances might be right.

The saying that every issue has a two side to it might be what is playing out between the Kigi state Governor His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Bello and NCDC.
While the NCDC have been able to sell the idea to the presidency that no qrew can be immune to Coivd 19, Bello feels otherwise noting that not everyone can be cajoled into believing that unscientifically proven issue.
Looking at critically Bello might be right because of the Level of alarm been generated without much data on the activities of NCDC, all that is heard is the railing out of numbers. And this alarm is putting everyone in panic thereby affecting economic successes achieved on some period.
Bello’s action was predicated on the idea that the activities of NCDC if handled differently could be more productive.
Bello”s concern for the citizens of the state is highly commendable and from pictures realized are the encounter with members of NCDC an isolation center was already in place but a secret only known to the Government officials.
The Covid 19 game as popularly view in the public sphere is a lucrative business and one would wonder why Bello an astute businessman wouldn’t cash on this and make more money or is there more to it than meet the eyes.
While our street interaction revels that many people supported Bello’s action while the majority believed his approach was shallow.
We hope the Governor will realizes that policies should be matched with good approach

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