Deportation of Almajirims an agreement by Governors of the region.

It has been revealed that contrary to public outcry over movement of youths and children referred to almajirs, it is an issue long on the table of the northern governors.

Revealing this the Gov of Kaduna state Mallam El-Rufai said most of the children returned from Kano state would have died of corona virus if they were not relocated.

The Gov commended the action of his colleagues for he bold step of returning of over thirty thousand Almajiris back to their state hoping that this move will lead the final ending of the Almajir system which has been a sensitive issue in northern Nigeria.

It will be recalled that this is one of the major issue that brought about the deposition of former Emir of Kano State Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi because of his consistent criticism of the Almajir system which was viewed by benefactors as going beyond his bound.

With the covid 19 pandemic consuming like wide fire it is an opportunity of regiging our systems in all its ramifications and give Nigeria a new beginning.

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