KOGI ELECTION: The Stamp of an Architect



It is not news any more that Prince Abubakar Audu is the original indelible man (ink of life)

well sorted by the people of Kogi State, middle belt Nigeria.

Just like president Buhari who was returned by the electorate to come and clean up Nigeria from the mess of corruption, Audu has also become the prodigal son being proclaimed as the rescuer to lift kogi state from the schakels of non performance which has bedeviled the state from the past twelve years of misrule.

Audu who was gang raped out of office by some unscrupulous element in his government in conjunction with corrupt civil servant of that proud (era) felt that Audu was overbearing and was to much of a commander who never blinks,  but 12years on kogites have come to realize the pressure on Audu to succeed. As the first civilian governor Audu had to get it right and that has succeeded with the development of kogi state from all angles, name it, the state university, polytechnic state news paper and radio corporation, amusement park, state library, housing estates, roads and too numerous to mention, all under four years. To be honest to him in the  third year of Audu’s leadership 90% of the project under Audu had been completed                       Audu laid the foundation for prosperity of the state, the university has since produced an appreciable number of graduates.                                                                                     It should be of note that Audu’s feat occurred during an opposition of government . It could be recalled that during a nation wide assessment tour of state under the opposition government. Prince Abubakar Audu of kogi state came top with seven gold medals. This made kogi state an instant attraction to investors and tourist alike, but yet the internal enemies of kogi state felt that was not good enough. From records, it was Audu who first practice the highly publicized treasury single account in Nigeria TSA  and this made the corrupt civil servant  and business men inherited from both kwara and Benue state uncomfortable.  In view of this they schemed Audu out of government. But as a province will have it the clock have move around and eventually return to the starting point.

For those who must have forgotten, it is notable to know that prince Audu was a commissioner for finance in Benue state shortly before the creation of kogi state and before then he had worked with a private banking outfit where prudence, accountability and serious commitment to duty was the order, this was the attitude Audu came into governance with, he wanted to succeed and no one was going to slow him down with indolence and sharp practices. It will be recalled that Audu had worked in Britain and America still in the banking sector and his attitude was that work,work,work, he had not pechant for corruption. For the business community , they no doubt enjoyed the government of Audu because he recognize their right to make profit and payment was never delayed,  no wonder the business community have vowed to support the candidature of Audu in the 2015 election.

Audu’s second phase of governance, based on his development and economic blue print available to us shows a massive transformation of the state to both a tourist &investment heaven which shares the likes of the  Dubai initiative where the world will be yearning to visit, but this was not to be, because of the fraudulent election which brought Alh. Idris Ibrahim into office. In  furtherance of this of was a comment credited to the then president Obasanjo  to his party men who came jubiliating that ‘I said win kogi state for me I did not say remove Audu’ furthermore ‘Audu is the only governor in Nigeria that has remembered to name projects after me and my wife’. Audu was an opposition with a class, the two project indicated by president Obasanjo are still solidly on ground today.


Audu stamp of authority are his work which after twelve years still compete solidly in style and strength with whatever has been built after them.


Just like pharo of Egypt, Audu had to act tough to succeed and this is what today the ruling government in Kogi State is now using to castigate Audu , but from all indication the electorates are less concerned since all they now want to see is fresh and understandable process of government.


Audu’s housing policy was such that it is still celebrated years after he left office. Civil servant who felt somewhat aggrieved at that time are all home owner today courtesty of Audu housing project all over the state head headquarters and some local government.

Worthy of note is the recent declaration by a group known as folks of Audu Appointees to campaign and vote massively for Prince Audu Abubakar come 21st Nov, 2015.

…. Baba Agboja

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