In the words of one of my social media followers Yehuza Omeiza,” thzough I am not a fan of Yahaya Bello”  it is my duty as a citizen of Kogi State and more so a youth activist who had for a long clamored for youth leadership in kogi state, to assist him create the needed focus that leads to success.


Yahaya Bello from all indication  is a younger brother at 40, with my age at 48 it is not out of place if  I say I am in position to guide him in my own little way. It is also a thing of joy to have some of my social media friends with whom we brought down  the last regime in Lugard House in the Bello led administration, those are the likes of Gabriel El Rio Adoji and Enema paul, with this fearless dudes who can stand their own anywhere, I am confident should always be able tell Yahaya Bello  in his face whenever he is drifting offline.


My major concern, is on how to balance the goods and not too good of Yahaya Bello so far and into the future. This guy is filled with vigor and zeal to achieve, he is really derious of making a point, as a youth his blood is boiling for success. But from the public perception he has some good marks and some bad ones, though it is natural, he cannot satisfy everyone, but the ideas of governance, is that a leader should be able to maintain a balance to avoid possible backlash. The victory we achieve on 21/11/2015 was with our lives, we were determined to change the government of  Wada and that we did. The common sense for that revolution is that whenever the people decide to remove a leader no amount of intimidation can stop them. In-tendem with this realization and to keep the people on ones side then the act of balancing  must come into play. Note must be the taken, that Yahaya Bello is not on the slab for slaughter or political crucifiction. Honestly, the guy has within with few weeks in the saddle taken great steps by ordering the return of local govt account with 100% payment to the staff, the screening of  authentic state govt staff, though with some hardship, the final outcome would be beneficial to all. Those not too palatable actions include the bringing down of land marks and works of formal leaders of the state without consultation and prior public sensitization, the non inclusion of Christians from the central in his appointment, the expending of  scarce resources on the rebuilding of a new Govt House and the current issue in the system which has to do with the sale of his private building which he purchased for seventy Nine million naira under two months to the state Govt for Five Hundred million naira. This attitude have not gone done well with some sections of the citizens, though, the state the governor had come out clean to give reason for his action, this truly has not been resonated with the people.


Bello could turn out to be the man to better the lots of kogities, but he needs to do more in the area of winning  souls who will agree with him as a person. His recent appointment of personal aides and special adviser have generated serious reaction, from all indices he has tried his best in balancing the appointment among the senatorial districts but his people of kogi central think otherwise, while those from the other senatorial zone feel a lot comfortable, there are pockets of complain that the appointees are not party men but rather pals of the Governor and that of the Chief of staff to the Gov. From the central as earlier mentioned is the feeling of being short change as the Christians complains of lack their own in the appointment so far. Though not many people seem to appreciate his divine elevation to the leadership of the state, there is that thing which make them want to hear him out. It is on this basis that I call on the governor to apply the philosophy of the man working on a rope between two sky scrapers (balancing the act of governance).


To my hench men Gabriel Adoji and Enema Paul, as  indigenes of the net do not forget your constituency the social media . we hope you will not become like some of our guys who followed  Wada and forgot or fought us. You have been a member of the net activism and you are well aware of what we are capable of.     I urge you to try hard to win support for your new principal while ammonizing the social media group by inviting us for a round table discussion. Underestimating the Netizen could be disastrous. Again, though I can not be a Yahaya Bello fans, your presence in his government makes me think otherwise.


Baba Agboja


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