Certainly it is well agreed the Corona Pandemic has really dealt a big blow on the entity called earth. There is no doubt that the body mandated to handle the surge must have been overwhelmed by the enormity of the ravaging disease which necessitated the alarmist nature of her campaign which no doubt frightened all and sundry to take adequate cover in their abode. But from our I-reporter in Abuja at the resumption of activities after the holy month of Ramadan and public holidays things seems to pickup with traders, white collar businesses, Government functionaries out on the street while hustling their way through to strick possible deals.
What is quite disturbing to us is juxtaposing the daily rising numbers of infection in Abuja and attitude of the citizens, could it be that the media in collaboration with NCDC are over hyping the Covid 19 palava.
With our recent observation, the ball might just be in the court of the populist who will have their destiny in their own hands in trying to keep to the disease at bay.
From all indication the Government is unable to cater for the wants of the citizens who are well over 200millon.
We urge all and sundry to observe the rules of engagement such as social distancing, washing of hands under running water and application of sanitizers, covering of the nose and mouth.
We wish you well as the economy gradually reopens

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