Speechless : Kogi Radio.

The state Radio outfit which is the only source of information available to the citizens of Kogi state is now off air due to lack of funds to operate.
It was gathered that the station which runs on generator has been experiencing neglect since the assumption of the present dispensation, no money has been released to the organization to purchase diesel for up to eight months now.
The Director General has single handedly kept the station afloat with borrowings from private sources.
The staff who are demoralized from the maladministration of those in authority, recently began to feel a level of restored hope with the appointment Evangelist Kingsley Fanwo who has an uncommon style of administration.
The radio which has suffered deprivation from politicians, has always been there first point of call ,to clarify issue that set the public against them, but they have never felt any form of responsibility to it in order to standardise and enhance the equipments and human resources respectively.
Media (Radio) should be seen as another level of governance because of her role in sensitizing the citizenry as well as dowsing the tension that might move the people against government.
The entire state has been thrown into a morning mode because the people came up in the evening of Saturday 16/5/2020 to listen to the event of the day which was propagated the in the morning only to meet a dead air.
We also feel the lose of the familiar voices. that deliver the daily news.

It is at this juncture that we call on the organs of government responsible for its resuscitation to do all that is possible to put Kogi Radio on the first line chart for allocation disbursement to further forestall this recurrent black out of information.

Information is power and Kogi Radio has been playing her part.

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