The 75% fomular to the kogi Governorship election 2015.

The way it is right now inkogi, is just a simple calculation of who takes 75% of the total votes cast.  As the entire state awaits the primaries of the PDP which was shifted at the last minute on 7/09/2015 by the PDP NWC on the claim of logistical problems.  The citizens await Monday’s  14 September, 2015 to know who takes the da.y, if para-adventure wada the incumbent Governor wins the primaries it is the believe by pundits that, that,will give Audu the flag bearer of the APC an easy victory with Audu claiming 25% from wada in the 50-50 position already on ground.

On the other hand if Alhaji Jibrin isah aka Echocho clinches the ticket to represent PDP then there is the possibility of PDP holding on to lugard house for another four years and beyond. The current parmutation on echocho is his possibility of beating Audu in the general election come November by 75 %  of the vote,  this believe is widely spread among the electorates who see Echocho claiming at least 25% from Audu in already allotted 50/50 position right now on ground.

Echocho is someone who enjoys alot of goodwill from the people just like Audu and also has this youthful touch which endear him to the people. Audu other side is loved for his vibrancy and commitment to the excution of masses oriented project. A will tested former governor with indelible mark which remained unsurpassed by successive government for twelve years.  He is man truly loved by the people. Last is the supposedly drawning  governor whom we learnt have being abounded by his godfather Ibrahim Idris. The wada administration with some laudable project on ground is so unfortunate that the populise sees those projecs as elitist kind of ventures that has no bearing to the lives of the masses who are the real voters. In attempting to pop up his profiles in the previous days Gov wada has made lots of promises to the people of the state but this is not resonating with masses who see his action has coming a little too late.

However , the fate of wada and echocho is in the hands of the delegates who are the first step to the long awaited democratic process of a free and fair election in kogi state.



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