The need to believe in PMB’s next level slogan.

The need to believe in PMB’s next level slogan

It can’t always be rosy, few days ago we suffered some causality with the killing of our soldiers at the battle front, be it painful as it is, we should not be deter in our resolve at sanitising Nigeria.

PMB is trying the best he could and we are pleading as individuals to assist our leaders in achieving their goals of making Nigeria better.
Taking advantage of the recent happenings as a campaign slogan does not encourage our brothers to continue to do their best at the war front.
It is a well known fact that the Buhari led administration has succeeded in pushing the insurgents far away from their previous location there by assuming a technical defeat, but that is not to say the fight is over.
It is lamentable to hear Nigerians accuse the present administration of inaction with the obvious results of the peaceful atmosphere now been experienced in the northeast.
Sentiment and political affiliation put aside it will be most unfair and mischievous for any fellow Nigerian to assume that nothing is been done when the world community is applauding PMB.
There was a time in recent past when Nigerians who live far away from the theatre of war felt the fight at their backyard, there were threats of food poisoning with warning not to eat some fruits and even suya meat.
Nigerians, why do we forget so soon, do not allow political hatered preclude your judgement, one term of four years truly cannot give us what we need.

After the clean up of the mess of previous administration and the enormous repatriation of looted funds the PMB administration is now well quipped to take Nigeria to the next level.FB_IMG_1542921535775

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