The Second Wave Of Covid 19 Spread.

It would sound alarmist with the above caption, but the reality would soon be slapping us on the face. Right before the end of the first phase of the pandemic, we were told of it’s sudden disappearance and return, so anyone who thinks all efforts put into Covid creation would just go down the drain will be mistaking.

Corona virus has come to stay, do not be deceived with the current hallucinating propaganda of having found a vaccine because the virus will mutate to another different version that would need a new drug formula. The worst of all is that the vaccine is bedeviled by suspection that the drug has the capacity to transform into a chip in the human body.

As we round off the year 2020 just like 2019, we are urgeed to prepare our minds and all our endeavors to the surprises ahead. From the look of things, in the last few weeks the drum beat of corona virus is on the rise with so many deaths around the world. Nigeria also picked up one casualty in the person of a serving Gen. Irefin, a kogi state born Army officer. He died while attending a conference of top military officers in Nigeria. Meanwhile all those in attendance have been ordered to isolate themselves for the next fourteen days. Since that occurrence Abuja has seen an upward movement in it’s heavyly curve chart on Covid 19.

There is a plan to put the entire world through another series of lockdown for only God knows why, but with strict adherence to the use of face mask we can surely over come the meance called corona .

As it were we can authoritatively tell you that an aide to the Lagos State Governor has been hospitalized for Covid 19 an act that sent Gov Sanolu to self isolation. If we are not quick to forget this was how it started before the lockdown.

Shotdown, something bigger than lockdown might be on its way because the plan is for sister corona to reach every nook and cranny. This time around the must powerful people in states, Local Government Areas, Business circle and the federal level will surely be infected with the virus.

The attempt at this second coming of covid is to completely subject every nation and people to total submission by this whose interest it is to turn the human race into humanoid robot like object.

The only thing that can be done is to keep to the initial health advice of safe distancing, wearing of face mask and its like.

Stay safe.

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